Advanced is evolving. This means news features, add-ons, upgrades – some of them are auxiliary or more complex. These features are described in this section.


Player progression export

As game creator you have the option to ask your players for their consent in order to export their game progression data.

To enable this feature, do the following:

  • Press the “Settings” button in the top-right corner, in the Properties area.
  • Check the “Ask for export consent” checkbox
  • Press “Save”

When you reopen the Settings popup, an “Export data” button will shown near the checkbox.

By pressing this button, a CSV with progression data will be prompted for download.


Conditions determines if an option is shown or a scene is played. A condition can be formed by multiple term-operator-value triplets, joined together by AND, OR, IS or like this:

term1 = 1 AND term2 != 1 OR term2 = 1

Allowed joins are:

Join Description
AND If one of the sides is false, the condition will be false.
OR If one of the sides is true, the condition will be true.
IS Similar to AND, in addition the right side of the join refers to the left side.

Allowed operators are:

Operator Description
= Equals to
!= Differes from
> < >= <= Greater, smaller, greater or equal, smaller or equal

Allowed terms and values are:

Term Value Description
room ID Refers to a room ID.
current_room ID If the player is in the room with the specified ID.
Ex: current_room = 2
room_entered Number room_entered = 3 means if the player entered a room 3 times. Must be used together with room term!
Ex: room = 5 IS room_entered = 3
item ID Refers to an item ID
item_count Number Refers an item count in inventory. Must be used together with item term!
Ex: item = 5 IS item_count = 3
item_state ID Refers to an item state. Must be used together with item term!
Ex: Ex: item = 5 IS item_state = 4
item_parent ID Refers to a parent item. Must be used together with item term!
Ex: Ex: item = 5 IS item_parent = 8
scene ID Refers to a scene ID.
scene_played Number Refers to a scene played count. Must be used together with scene term!
Ex: scene = 1 IS scene_played = 5

More examples:

  • current_room = 1 AND item = 2 IS item_count = 5
    If the player is in room with ID 1, and has exactly 5 items with ID 2 in his/her inventory.

  • current_room = 1 AND room = 1 IS room_entered >= 3 AND scene = 8 IS scene_played = 0
    If the player is in room with ID 1, the room was entered at least 3 times, and scene 8 wasn't played.

  • item = 3 IS item_state = 2 AND item = 3 IS item_count > 0
    If item ID 3 is in state 2, and their is at leas 1 in the player's inventory.