Patch notes


2021-03-22 14:12:49

- NEW: Sound support. Add music and sounds as models, drag them to a room, and add the Music Item's ID as Music ID at the room.


2021-03-16 12:47:24

- NEW: Games can be exported to Windows standalone game via the Settings panel.


2021-03-04 10:02:45

- NEW: The FREE Media Repository is finally alive! More than 180 backgrounds and 70 characters are free to use.


2021-03-01 15:44:02

- Wide screen option available! Switch the game's aspect ration between 4:3 and 16:9 in the Settings tab.


2021-02-15 11:21:26

- NEW: Added a guest play option. Don't need to log in to play a game, however the progress is saved only if the player is logged in.
- Added a side menu to the game's screen.


2021-02-09 16:30:54

- Terms & Conditions added
- NEW: Full documentation of the editor added.


2021-02-01 17:25:49

- NEW: added "Type and Test" option to item's and dialogue option's action dropdown. This will brings up a small popup with an input field that players can fill and test them against the secret value.
- NEW: added "Ask for export consent", which allow game creators to collect and download progress data from their games.


2021-01-27 12:12:09

- NEW: added "External link" option to item's and dialogue option's action dropdown. You can send a player to an external URL this way (thanks Shelley).
- NEW: added Fade-in transition option to scene dialogues (thanks Vorg Bardo)


2021-01-22 14:24:16

- Item's option dialogue box was replaced with a new, in-game one.
- Bug fix: item's dialogue box was invisible while in full-screen mode (thanks Wampiro for the report)
- Bug fix: item's Show text option dialogue couldn't be closed (thanks Krista for the report)


2021-01-20 11:03:02

- Mobile screens are fully supported while playing games.
- Double-tapping on a game makes it full-screen.
- Mobile view of the page was improved.
- Patch notes page added to the footer.
- Bug report page and icons are available and ready to use.


2021-01-19 13:06:33

- The big launch!
- Please feel free to report a bug you found here.