Make your own visual novel|rpg game|escape room|educational game
without coding| a visual editor| cool features

Full fledged novels

You want to tell a story? Build your own visual novel in no-time, with polished tools, without coding.

Make play hours in minutes.

Easy to learn

An interactive step-by-step tutorial, a demo game and a popup help system will guide you.

No coding required and it's fully visual.

Escape rooms

Interactive objects and clever conditioning makes possible to realize any kind of online escape room.

Make some items, and chain them together.

Educational games

Create educational games with ease. Make a word learner or a math game - rooms and items will help you out.

Teachers are welcomed!

Latest games

About the project

Hey! My name is Sandor, and I'm a freelancer software engineer, and an indie game enthusiast. I always liked visual novels, and especially Final Fantasy series' storytelling concepts.

I wanted to make my own visual novel (mixed with RPG elements), but was too bored to learn Ren'Py, and couldn't afford Visual Novel Maker. So I started to build my own visual novel engine, and I think it turned out pretty good. I thought it could be useful for others too, so I to released it for a public use.

My main focus points were:

- No coding required
- Short learning curve, but deep enough to make a decent game
- Items in scenes with interactions and conditioning
- Easy branching